Bio Grow


Bio-Grow is a 100% organic complete liquid fertilizer which can be added to most types of substrates used. It increases the activity of the bacterial flora in your medium due to its base ingredient being 100% Dutch organic sugar beet extract (aka molasses). Molasses is different from other raw materials because it has a high batain content which helps to increase micro-organism activity within your soil. It is not recommended for use in any hydroponic system, and is recommended for hand feeding plants that are in coco peat or soil.

Bio Grow has a low phosphate content —— contains: 70 trace elements – Vitamins B1, B2, C, and E – 100% natural sugars – humic acids – kelp – NPK ratio of 4:3:6 – store all Bio Bizz products in a cool, dry, dark place (out of direct sunlight) with an average temperature of 18 degrees (do not store in fridge)

500mL, 1Lt, 5Lt

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