Coco/Perlite, 70/30


70% coco coir / 30% perlite. Buffered with cal mag and pre washed. Freedom Farms cocopeat growing medium is a very effective, forgiving , versatile soilless substrate for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Coco coir has an amazing water retention. It is recommended to add perlite as it makes the substrate lighter and more airy. This allows your root systems to grow much more abundantly and healthier. This coco coir is washed, buffered with cal-mag and rinsed, making this a clean substrate, with a very low EC and an ideal PH level and ready to use.

Coco/Perlite growing mediums is a very popular and versatile soilless growing substrate for indoor, greenhouse and outdoor use. The coco coir water retention is extremely high and the added perlite makes the substrate lighter and more airy. The texture of the soil will allow a more healthier and abundant root systems. This coco/perlite combination is more ideal for temperature around 24-27 degrees celcius.