Craft Cannabis Soil


Specifically formulated and enriched for optimal cannabis growth. Just Cannabis Craft Soil will supply all the nutrients needed for strong healthy growth during the entire life cycle of the cannabis plant. During the flowering stages of the plant , a mixture of blackstrap molasses and epsom salts can be added to the medium as an optional extra to help further increase flower density. The recommended ratios are 5ml sulphate free blackstrap molasses to 1L of water and 1ml of epsom salts to 1L of water, up to twice a week during the flowering stages.

Adequate watering is essential to your cannabis plant’s health. Keep the growing medium moist, although not consistently over-wet, particularly during the first few weeks of the plant’s life. Avoid drying -out of the growing medium and if this occurs, ensure sufficient re-moistening. The optimal PH range of water for cannabis plants is 6.0 to 6.5.