EHG Bloom


EHG is a 3 part series (Grow, Micro, Bloom), synthetic/salts based, for the use in hydroponic systems coco peat, aeroponics and soil. These nutrients that are used in conjunction with one another will ensure optimal growth for every stage of your plants life cycle. The nutrients come with a detailed, simple nutrient chart that will give amazing quality if you follow it strictly.

The Nutrient ratio (ml/Lt) in the nutrient regime is a general guideline that can be used for most species of plants. However there will always be some other species or genetics that will require stronger, heavier feeds where the recommended ratios can be as much as doubled with great results. Increases in nutrient strength must always be done gradually as to much of an increase can cause shock and potential nutrients absorption problems, nutrient lock-out

Nitrogen N 9.9g/kg
Phosphorus P 25.3g/kg
Potassium K 47.4g/kg
Sulphur S 12.2g/kg
Magnesium Mg 12.9g/kg

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