Grow Tent 120×60×120cm


Our Infinity tent materials are 1680D (Fibre Thickness), Oxford Mylar with highly reflective diamond mesh.
The design of this grow tent will allow you to keep a controlled environment to reach the requirements of your plant of choice.
The reflective diamond mesh will allow you to make best use of where your light spectrums are directing towards. With excess light bouncing off of the reflective walls you are to be insured that everything will used efficiently.

Dimensions: 120x60x120cm
Fabric: 1680D oxford mylar, highly reflective diamond mesh
Steel tube + Steel Connectors: 22mm

Recommended grow lights:
UFO LED Grow Light Full Spectrum 100w (x2)
Full Spectrum LED Model X 120w (x1)

Recommended Extractor fans:
Hydor EF-1009 (wall fan) (x2)

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