LED Grow Light – Model C


The LED model C range is aiming towards the hobbyist grower.

This is a full spectrum grow light that is designed to get you through veg and flower stages, producing high quality craft flowers.

These LED fixtures come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, all ideal for specific size grow tents/areas
The diodes are fixed on to bars which allow your light fixtures to have a wider area of light distribution, a decrease in heat and allows your light fixture to be passively cooled.

The design is to ensure long lasting quality of use. The light fixture has 2-6 bars of LED diodes which are passively cooled. This means that the majority of the surface area of the design acts as a heat sink. This allows a simple breeze to move through your Model C cooling it with ease which will ensure a longer lasting light fixture/increased life-span.

It is important to have adequate air-circulation in your grow environment. If you have poor air-circulation it will result in your LED light fixture in building up too much heat which will degrade the life span of each individual LED diode

3 Year Warranty

100w: Length-40cm, Width-60cm, 4 bars
300w: Length-58cm, Width-58cm, 6 bars
400w: Length-112cm, Width-58cm, 4 bars

100w – LED Efficacy: 2.4μmol/J, Total PPF: 240μmol/s, Total Diodes: 370pcs,
300w – LED Efficacy: 2.4μmol/J, Total PPF: 720μmol/s, Total Diodes: 1110pcs
400w – LED Efficacy: 2.4μmol/J, Total PPF: 960μmol/s, Total Diodes: 1480pcs

Area of use:
-Veg: 60cm x 80cm
-Flower: 55cm x 55cm

– Veg: 100cm x 100cm
– Flower: 80cm x80cm

– Veg: 135cm x 100cm
– Flower: 120cm x 80cm

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