Plantmatter Myco-Plantmatter (Mycorrhizae)
Myco-Plantmatter is a Mycorrhizae & Trichoderma inoculant that acts as a secondary root system, drawing the essential nutrients and moisture from the soil and feeding it to your plant.
It protects your plants from root diseases and other soil pests and helps with aeration and moisture penetration.
Mycorrhizae forms a close symbiotic relationship to with plant roots. It can connect to plants in two ways. It either surrounds the outside of the plants roots or it grows inside of the plant, squeezing between the cell wall and membranes of the plants roots.
Plant roots require direct contact with the soil to absorb the nutrients effectively. Mycorrhizae acts as a secondary root system extending the plants reach. This increases surface area and allows the plants much greater access to nutrients than they would have gotten by themselves.
Absorbing nutrients like phosphorus and magnesium, mycorrhizae is able to directly feed the plants roots with all the nutrients it needs.

-Plant growth
-Tolerance to salt
-Root absorption
-Root growth
-Tolerance to root rot
-Nutrient uptake
-Water uptake
-Resistance to drought
-Stress tolerance
-Transplanting Success


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