UFO LED Grow Light Full Spectrum


The UFO Full Spectrum LED grow light is equipped with Samsung cool, warm white and Osram deep red diodes. This combination will efficiently deliver all of the light spectrums to get you through seed to harvest.

The light fixture is one large round heat sink that take up the majority of the shape. It is passively cooled, meaning that you will need a basic air flow in your environment. A simple direct breeze, flow of air will allow cool, fresh air to move through the heat sinks that will allow the light to be cooled.
It is important to have adequate air circulation around your LED grow lights. If your lights are hot to the touch then it is due to poor air circulation which will decrease the life span of your grow lights

It is a very basic, cost effect design that allows it to be ideal for the beginner growers whom are looking to get experience.

It is the perfect budget light for the eager grower that will have a life span of 50 000+ hours plus before the strength of the diodes greatly start to decrease.

With an average of a 12 year life expectancy this light will get you through countless of harvests

3 year warranty

Area of coverage
100w UFO LED – 60cm x 60cm

100w UFO LED – 40cm x 40cm