We strive to be the pioneers of the latest LED grow light technology in South Africa.

We offer the opportunity to purchase the highest quality lighting you can possibly find in South Africa with the highest specifications at affordable prices.

Our Infinity LED grow lights running with internationally famous branded drivers (inventronics) and the Samsung and Osram diodes that are of the highest standard.

Our lighting has a life span of over 50 000-100 000 hours before the strength of the LED diodes start to degrade.

Our lights have gone under intensive quality checks from operating under high temperatures and extreme low temperatures and high humidity chambers for long durations. We have dust chambers where we cloak the LEDs in thick layers of dust to test how deep it can penetrate any form of gaps.

Our lights are placed in aging rooms where they go under thorough quality checks of each individual diode before they are allowed in the South African market.

We take pride in our quality checks.

All of our lighting comes with a 2-3 year warranty.



A regular HID light has a lifespan of close to 21 000 hours, which might seem like an impressive number but in the long run LEDs are a better option. A good quality LED grow light can be perfectly functional from up to 50 000 to about 150 000 hours. Additionally you will never need to change a bulbs again nor will you suffer from premature par output loss.


LEDs are by far the most efficient lighting system on the market, They produce the same amount of light as HPS lights but consume substantially less energy. What this means is that more of the electricity your LED light draws is used to create light and less is converted to heat unlike HPS systems which produce huge amounts of heat. This additional heat can be beneficial in cold climates however in South Africa you will generally end up having to use an A/C system to remove this extra heat before it burns your plants.


LEDs are available in a wide range of color temperatures and come with the option of mixing them in set ratios to create the ideal light for your select purpose. As opposed to HPS lights which have no variation and are well-known for their warm yellow glow (CCT values around 2200K) which includes some spectrums of light that aren’t used by plants. Our Infinity Range of LED lights are built with varying LED (white and deep red) that create the perfect lighting environment for plant growth.


Light fades with a square intensity in regards to distance, what this means is that you move your light 2 times further away then the power of that light becomes (½²= ¼) a quarter of what it previously was. This makes a huge difference as HPS are recommend to be hung 2-3 times further from your crop than LEDs due to the heat they generate and for their light to spread. Furthermore HPS emits light in all direction (360°) and a reflector has to be used to try concentrate the light on the canopy. Then you get our LED lights which have no reflector and instead the diodes sit right above your canopy, evenly spaced out, shining light directly where it’s needed.


Plants require different amounts of lights throughout their different stages of growth and having complete control over this without having to constantly adjust your hanging height is a huge advantage when it comes to keeping your plants happy. HPS system typically have 3 dimming options while our LED lights can be dimmed anywhere from 10%-90%, additionally you can use a controller to control this dimming from your smart phone or even set sunrise/sunset schedules for your plants, because after all we are trying to copy nature here.


The original start up costs to buy an LED light Fixture is higher than that of an HPS, as it generally goes with newer technology, however when you factor in all the ways an LED light saves you money through the following reasons there is a clear winner.

• Lower electric consumption
• Less stress on you’re A/C system
• No buying new bulbs
• Longer Lifespan